9 Ways to Supercharge Your Focus to Increase Power in the Workplace

October 26, 2016

Nicole Lipkin, Leadership ExpertWebinar recording
from November 8, 2016

Nicole Lipkin, Leadership Expert

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According to studies, the average worker gets a solid 3 minutes in of work in before they are distracted. Real focus can feel like an impossible goal. Focus, however, is an important ingredient in strengthening our personal and professional power, which strengthens our influence and credibility. So the bad news is that we have trained our brains to respond to distraction, diminish our focus and ultimately weaken our power. The good news is that we can just as easily retrain our brains to control distraction, enhance focus and increase power!

Tune into this webinar, (without looking at your email or Facebook), to learn:

  • The science of focus, distraction & power
  • 5 ways your brain has been trained to distract you
  • Steps to retrain your brain to control distractions and regain focus
  • How to enhance your personal and professional power through focus

Watch the webinar recording

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