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August 1, 2016



About the company 

TMA World is an online training provider, specialising in helping companies to develop the skills they need to successfully operate within a borderless office. Working primarily with Fortune 1000 companies who have recognised the need for enterprise-wide change, the learning topics focus on four key areas...

  1. Borderless collaboration: supporting virtual team leaders to manage geographically dispersed teams
  2. Cultural intelligence: helping organisations understand how to adapt and accommodate individuals from different cultures
  3. Matrix working: how to succeed within a complex organisational structure where individuals come to work together, but where there is no specific command and authority
  4. Digital fluency: how companies can leverage today’s virtual communication technologies to become more efficient in the way they work

Headquartered in Surrey, TMA World is comprised of a truly global virtual team, with many of its staff and personnel being based in various regions across the UK. Clients range from BP, P&G and Bosch, through to Barclays and Deliotte, and are located across all continents. Furthermore, TMA World works with an extended team of 200 training facilitators who are globally dispersed, all operating remotely.


“I’d come from a background of remote working, operating within the virtual classroom environment. When I joined TMA World in 2013, to support the business in virtualising its learning content, what horrified me was how much we were spending as a company on traditional teleconferencing,” explains David Smith, global director of TMA World.

With all of TMA World’s training being virtual, and its client base dispersed across the globe, much of the day-to-day business was being conducted via traditional teleconference calls. The costs associated were proving extremely prohibitive, as TMA World was carrying the burden of the entire call charge.


GoToMeeting was the obvious solution for TMA World, largely based on the sympathetic way in which it charges for audio. Approximately 20 licenses were acquired for the business, and in doing so TMA World reduced its call costs overnight, equating to thousands of pounds saved per month.

“Yes we carry the cost of the monthly GoToMeeting licenses, and any of our people dialling into the call; but for anyone external joining, that cost is absorbed by them or their own company. That makes a big difference,” explains Smith. “By adopting GoToMeeting, there was an immediate enhancement in what we could do, but a reduction in what it was costing us to do that.”

Ease of use was another deciding factor for the business, as it meant there was little requirement to up skill individuals who would be using GoToMeeting. Additionally, TMA World saw the benefit of a tool that would be simple and intuitive for clients and prospective clients to use.

Having used old fashioned teleconferencing technology and free instant messaging services to date, TMA World was also attracted by the enhanced features and capabilities offered by GoToMeeting. “To be able to give presenter controls to other people, to record the meeting and see each other in HD, has all made a big difference,” says Smith.

Additionally, GoToMeeting has proven itself to be an indispensible tool for winning new business. “The difference between inviting a client onto a GoToMeeting, versus a traditional conference call, opens up a whole new experience for that client from what we were traditionally doing. So there’s no fumbling around with papers, and we can easily make sure everyone’s reviewing the relevant content for the meeting,” explains Smith.


  • The HD video is used extensively by TMA World, which has helped the business to break down the technological barriers of not being together in terms of location. “It makes it more personable as a call, as you can judge and gauge reactions, and you can show information instantly so that everyone can truly visualise what we’re talking about, and be on the same level of understanding,” shares Smith.
  • GoToMeeting has proven itself to TMA World to have one of the strongest VOIP services on the market, in terms of its quality and robustness. The reliability of the technology is now depended on by the entire team.
  • GoToMeeting has enabled TMA World to hold a higher volume of meetings over the course of a week, because individuals are no longer required to travel to client offices. “We could have eight meetings in a day now, via GoToMeeting, if we really wanted to,” says Smith.
  • “We have a number of tools we provide as part of our training, and we have a tool called Country Navigator, which is an online assessment for a business’ cultural orientations and preferences. Previously we would have sent someone log in details, and then talked them through it by phone. But with GoToMeeting we are able to show someone visually on screen, and walk them through what it looks like and how it works. Suddenly you are in a much better position to sell the product or service, as there’s no ambiguity or confusion,” says Smith.
  • The mobile version of GoToMeeting is proving popular within the business, enabling meetings from any location.


 “GoToMeeting has transformed the business and the way we hold our meetings. It wasn’t a case of why should we be using GoToMeeting, but why shouldn’t we be using it. Primarily it has overhauled the way we interact and collaborate with people, instead of everyone being voices on a phone call. It has lifted our game, allowing us to connect on a human level and the sheer convenience of sending someone out the meeting link, with no learning curve required, is invaluable to the business.”
- David Smith, global director, TMA World

Facts at a glance

Solution: Collaboration and engagement
Product: GoToMeeting
Industry: Training
Country: Global


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