Clinical Cube Success Story

June 30, 2016 Julian Gros


Citrix GoToMeeting enables startup business, Clinical Cube, to engage with multi-billion pound pharmaceutical companies on a daily basis.

About the company 

Clinical Cube is a real-world health data company, headquartered in the UK, with more than half of its workforce operating virtually.  Set-up two years ago, it aggregates detailed health data on 63.5m patients across all therapeutic areas, from 50 different sources of information relating to the NHS and private medical healthcare. Much of its work supports clinical trials or the commercial launch of new drugs, drawing on data that includes the volume of prescriptions given out on a daily basis, the number of referrals of patients from primary to secondary care, hospital episodes, clinician insights and other related demographic data sets. All data is geo-mapped to build a clear picture of the patient journey, and much of the work it undertakes is highly visual in nature.

“A key part of driving a startup business is to minimise your cost base and maximise your customer engagement, and that’s what GoToMeeting does for us. It minimises direct costs, whether that’s train fares or time on the road, and it minimises indirect costs, such as people not feeling engaged with either project development or clients. Without GoToMeeting, I think we’d be missing the client engagement that we have now, and business opportunities, right across the piste.”
- Tudor Morgan, COO, Clinical Cube


The UK’s pharmaceutical industry is geographically dispersed, and from the get-go, Clinical Cube needed a consistently reliable meeting technology that would facilitate regular, ‘face-to-face’ engagement with its clients. As a new business, it required an affordable solution that could be scaled up, as the company grew.

Security and reliability were other key considerations. As COO Tudor Morgan explains, “our customers tend to be large pharmaceutical companies or big clinical research organisations, with multiple billion pound turnover; so when we come to the table, we have to act as if we are part of that world, sharing their same culture and ethos and having the same governance and security standards. Control of information is an absolute must within the pharmaceutical industry, so it was critical that we came to market with a meeting technology brand that people trusted and respected.”

Clinical Cube’s products and services are focused on the visualisation of data, and so instead of talking through data by phone, it’s more effective to be able to show clients the data. Such projects tend to be an iterative process, sometimes requiring multiple meetings a day, and with the majority of pharmaceutical companies being time-poor, it was critical that these meetings could happen in a virtual scenario.


During the set-up phase of the business, Clinical Cube trialed several free-to-use online meeting services, but the user experience was poor and it was clear that a more consistently reliable provider was needed. So the business launched with five GoToMeeting licenses in place, and it has rapidly become an integral tool for the business.

From day one, GoToMeeting has enabled regular client engagement, while reducing the need to set aside onerous time for meetings. Instead, both parties can turn straight to GoToMeeting when a conversation is needed, and through screen sharing, view the data visualisations that are integral to the project.  “For instance, one particular client requires us to have a 5pm call at the end of every day to discuss the progress that’s been made. Being able to show our work visually on screen, they can comment directly on it, and we can take their feedback and do another day’s work. If you were to try and do that in a physical face-to-face situation, it would be impossible,” explains Morgan.


  • “We set out to be a completely virtual company. We started with zero travel costs, and we’ve maintained that through GoToMeeting,” says Morgan.
  • The screen sharing feature is used consistently, in every Clinical Cube meeting. GoToMeeting is rarely used as a voice-only tool.
  • Reliability and security have proven to be critical. “The Citrix brand has a sort of security written into it. Our pharmaceutical clients have to be able to engage with us in the absolute knowledge that their information will remain secure within the call. We’re borrowing the power of the Citrix brand,” explains Morgan.
  • The flexibility and ease of GoToMeeting has transformed the way in which Clinical Cube’s geographically dispersed team collaborates, and in particular it has expedited problem solving. “Being able to suggest that we jump on a GoToMeeting call, to in effect create the virtual office, with that same degree of flexibility, is crucial. It would be impossible to do this by phone as we need to be able to see and discuss our data visualisations,” says Morgan. 

  • Citrix GoToMeeting has proven a useful tool for seeking input from the two practising clinicians on Clinical Cube’s advisory board, as and when it’s needed. It’s meant the team can engage them for just 10 minutes in the day to solve a particular problem, to gather their clinical expertise, and offer the insight needed to move forward.

Facts at a glance

Solution  Collaboration and engagement
Product  GoToMeeting
Industry  Pharmaceuticals
Country  United Kingdom

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