12 Ways to Make Your Online Presentations More Persuasive

May 20, 2016

Gihan Perera, Communications ExpertWebinar recording from
June 21, 2016

Gihan Perera,
Communications Expert

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Watch this webinar recording to learn how to:

  • Answer the 4 big questions every audience member is thinking
  • Structure your online presentation for maximum influence
  • Tap into proven psychological principles for persuasion and influence
  • Use interactive online presentation tools to engage your audience and motivate them to take action

From meetings to marketing pitches to educational talks, we all have to make a presentation at some point in our career. And with the rise of remote working, there’s a good chance that many of these presentations will happen online – made possible through videoconferencing software and other virtual collaboration tools. Although technology makes connection instantaneous, it doesn’t make comprehension or productivity instantaneous, and we need to know how to make our online presentations as engaging as the ones we make in person.

Our speaker in today’s hour-long session Gihan Perera – an entrepreneur, futurist, conference speaker, author and consultant. Gihan has always been fascinated by how we communicate, and the way in which technology affects and shapes our interactions. His engaging talk will take us through the path of a presentation, and will demonstrate to us how we can leverage the power of persuasion within this format (both in person and online) to incite audience action, such as purchasing a product or signing up for a service. He shows us how we can address the 4 key questions every audience member is thinking for better communication and mutual understanding.

Tune into this webinar and you’ll learn 12 practical, effective ideas to take your presentations from average to extraordinary. 

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