10 Tips for Presenting to an Invisible Virtual Audience

January 22, 2016 Christian Graef

David Smith, Virtual GurusWebinar recording from
January 21, 2016

David Smith,
Virtual Gurus

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Learn the tips, techniques and best practices the experts use when presenting online:

  • Identify the top 10 techniques used by pros to engage virtual audiences
  • Leverage best practices that eliminate dull and boring virtual events
  • Explore how the platforms’ toolsets can be used to engage your invisible audiences
  • Try out your own online meetings with our free trial of GoToMeeting

Do you ever feel like your virtual audiences are not only virtual but invisible? Are you struggling to connect? Presenting to virtual audiences has never played such a frequent and vital role in many of our working lives; for many of us, it’s part of our daily job. Things are only poised to get more ‘virtual’ from here, so it’s important to learn how to get the most out of virtual communication technology, so you can eliminate tedious meetings, boring conference calls and nap-inducing presentations for good.

In today’s session, David Smith – Global Director of TMA World, Co-founder of Virtual Gurus and an expert host at virtual events – will take us through practical, specific and incredibly valuable tips to encourage more audience interaction during our own virtual events, like meetings, presentations, training sessions and webinars.

David will address many of the common concerns and complaints involved in running a virtual event – questions like ‘how can I encourage more feedback or input from my audience?’ ‘How can I discourage distraction and multitasking during virtual presentations? Is anyone actually listening??’ – and he’ll show us how to solve those problems. After this session, you won’t have to present to an invisible virtual audience again!

Watch the webinar recording

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