What B2B Content Marketers Do vs. What B2B Business Leaders Want

December 21, 2015

Jamie CredlandWebinar recording from
December 3, 2015

Jamie Credland

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What does effective content marketing look like through the eyes of business leaders and how can B2B marketers ensure that they are engaging effectively?

This webinar explores:

  • What can be learnt from B2C content marketing that can translate to B2B
  • How to create content that tells a story and resonates
  • How to set goals that will ultimately lead to measurable ROI
  • And more ...

It’s the question that plagues content marketers and business leaders alike: what makes good content? Why do some pieces fail and some succeed? Is what’s being produced in the business space what people actually want to consume?

Jamie Credland, Global Head of Client Marketing at the Economist Group, will take us through valuable findings from research done by the Economist Group (in collaboration with communication agency Flagship Consulting) about understanding what brand marketers in the B2B space are approaching their marketing strategy, and what business executives are looking for in their content.

The research is titled ‘Missing the Mark’ and Jamie will show us why: why is much of the content being produced in the B2B sphere failing? For example, the study found that 93% of content created by marketers is directly connected to a product or service, but business executives aren’t looking for product-led content: 71% of business executives said the main reason content didn’t make a positive impression is because it seemed like a sales pitch.

Throughout the session, you’ll learn many more valuable stats and will gain a new understanding for how to create high-quality content that will resonate with your audience. 

Watch the webinar recording

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