The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Presenting to Senior Management

March 4, 2016

Maurice De Castro, Mindful PresenterWebinar recording from
March 3, 2016

Maurice De Castro,
Mindful Presenter

Watch the webinar recording

Learn what you absolutely must not to do when preparing and delivering a presentation for senior management

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • Why it’s such a daunting experience for so many and how to turn it around completely
  • A powerful and proven structure that gets results for you and your audience every time
  • How to craft and deliver what they want and need to hear
  • What it takes to lose the fear, make an impact and connect in a way that will ensure you are remembered for the right reasons

Presenting at work can be a stressful experience, especially when your audience is upper management. You want to be your most articulate, most intelligent, most confident self, but how do you get there when you feel nervous and intimidated? When time is an important factor, how do you make a good impression and get your point across at the same time?

Presentation expert Maurice De Castro is here to help us through this common workplace problem.

In today’s webinar, you’ll learn what to not to do the next time you have to give a presentation to someone in a senior management position. Maurice, founder of Mindful Presenter and author of ‘7 Mistakes to Avoid When Presenting to Senior Management’, draws on his years of personal experience as an executive for some of the UK’s top brands to warn us of the most annoying pitfalls (like overwhelming your audience with too much text!) so we can achieve presentation success.

During this 45-minute session Maurice will demonstrate how to ‘think about the way you think’: how to deconstruct what’s making you nervous and take presentations from excruciating to enjoyable. He will also show us the importance of stepping into the audience’s shoes and understanding where they come from in order to achieve presentation perfection. 

Watch the webinar recording

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