Best Practices for More Effective Lead Gen Webinars

January 28, 2016

Ken Molay, Webinar ExpertWebinar recording from
January 28, 2016

Ken Molay,
Webinar Expert

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Join Ken Molay, webinar expert and noted industry spokesperson, as he shares insights and strategies for dealing with diverse target audiences, shorter attention spans, and increased competition for viewers.

Watch this presentation and learn:

  • How to boost registration and attendance for live webinars
  • Considerations for targeting global audiences
  • Ways to encourage more visits to your site and more engagement from viewers
  • How to incorporate social media and cloud marketing in your webinar strategy

Webinars are one of the most powerful lead gen tools available to us, and yet most of us don’t know exactly how much we can get out of them. Today Ken Molay, business webinar expert and founder and president of Webinar Success, will equip us with the necessary tools to deliver successful, effective, informative webinars for your business every time.

As someone with an extensive background in software development and marketing, and as someone who’s been delivering business webinars for the last 20 years, Ken gives invaluable and practical tips, focussing on key areas of concerns like boosting registration and attendance, building audience engagement and more. In his session, you’ll learn how to transform your thinking to gain better results: instead of asking yourself what you need and want, ask the same of customers: what do they want, what are their interests, what do they need, what are their pain-points?

Ken shows us how to question our webinars to help inform the details of the webinar itself – everything from the title to the description to the promotional materials to the actual content of the webinar itself. Don’t host your next webinar without watching this session and learning Ken’s fantastic tips.

Watch the webinar recording

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