How to Develop a Team That Collaborates Effectively

March 23, 2016

David Smith, Virtual GurusWebinar recording from
March 22, 2016

David Smith,
Virtual Gurus

Watch the webinar recording

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration within your team and organisation
  • Support and motivate others to collaborate effectively
  • Communicate in a way that supports collaboration with others
  • And more ...

Working with others: it’s become so ingrained in our lives – both inside and outside the office – that we don’t really stop and think about what it truly means. This webinar opens with an interesting proposition:

‘The word collaborate has been used so much now, it’s gotten so much hype, that maybe the word’s becoming a little bit meaningless for us.’

Does this sound familiar to you? Chances are, it does: it seems the term ‘collaborate’ has been bandied about by companies so often that’s almost become mindless business-speak to us. But what does ‘effective collaboration’ really mean? Helping us make sense of this is David Smith, Global Director of TMA World and Co-founder of Virtual Gurus. He’ll take us through his presentation ‘How to Develop a Team That Collaborates Effectively’, helping us redefine this concept by questioning it.

In this hour-long session (presentation followed by a short Q+A), you’ll learn the difference between ‘collaboration’ and ‘team work’ – two terms often used synonymously – as well as how to support others as a leader, as a peer and as an organisation. David challenges us to examine the way we think about working with others, especially in this age of virtual teams, and how we can make the most of collaborative opportunities. 

Watch the webinar recording

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