Banish Meeting Boredom!

April 13, 2016

Banish Meeting Boredom#


If you added up all the time people waste in bad meetings every day worldwide, the cost would probably equate to the annual GDP of a small country. Long unproductive and poorly run meetings cost both time and money.


Average time spent in meetings every day: 3.3 hours​


Over 1/3 of meetings are considered unproductive! (36%)


1. Have a SIMPLE message, SIMPLE structure and SIMPLE slides

2. Rehearse realistically.

3. Give listeners (and yourself) time to think.

4. Seek help.

5. Rule your tools.

6. Plan for broken tools!


The time we collectively waste on bad meetings every year

We did the math* (see how at the bottom). Turns out we collectively waste just shy of 300,000 years per annum in useless meetings.

300,000 YEARS!

300,000 years ago, our stone age ancestors didn’t have time to waste in meetings – they were too busy fending off sabre-toothed tigers. At least all we have to fight off nowadays is boredom. (and not even that, if you follow the tips in this infographic ;-)


Common Characteristics of a BAD meeting

69%: No clear goal has been set

56.1%: The meeting goes off topic

56.1%: There is a lack of structure

49.5%: Attendees are inattentive

48.6%: No decisions are made


Industries with the highest proportion of unproductive meetings

IT: 50% - Education: 50% - Financial Services: 40%


Departments with the highest proportion of unproductive meetings

IT Consulting: 50%Customer Service:  48%Engineering 47%


Common Characteristics of a GOOD meeting

79.9% The goal of the meeting is clear

69.2%:Clear actions are assigned

68.2%: Action items are followed up

56.5%: Decisions get made

55.1%: An agenda is distributed before


Are you ready to become a meeting superstar?


  1. Try video meetings :) Meet quickly and discuss projects easily.
  2. Set an objective and have a clear purpose for the meeting.
  3. Only invite necessary people
  4. Circulate an agenda beforehand
  5. Ask participants to come prepared and ready to participate
  6. Direct questions at specific individuals to increase engagement
  7. Keep participants focused on the agenda items and prevent off-topic discussions
  8. Use drawing tools to highlight key parts of your screen
  9. Use webcams for a personal touch
  10. Use VoiP to save on audio conferencing bills
  11. Encourage users to join from a mobile device if they are on the move
  12. Assign follow-up actions to individuals promptly
  13. Press that record button and share afterwards (great for non-attendees!)


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The Virtual Presenter's: 102 TIPS FOR ONLINE MEETINGS

726H X 10 MIO WORKERS = 7,260,000,000 HOURS OR 302,500,000 DAYS OR 828,767 YEARS



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