April 1, 2016

Industry leader Colt uses Citrix GoToWebinar to connect with existing customers and attract new business

About the company 

A global company operating in 50 countries with 900 employees worldwide and 150 in the UK, Colt provides smoke control, climate control, ventilation and solar shading expertise to businesses from original design and build through to the refurbishment of existing stock. Colt ensures that its customer’s installations continue to perform at their best over time through maintenance programmes and staff training, with an emphasis on safety and consideration of the environment.

“Citrix GoToWebinar is a great tool. Sharing training and information
with customers in this way is key to our strategy and allows us to position ourselves as pioneers. We regularly get 400 people registering for our webinars. The way we quantify their success is that people keep coming back.”
- Simon O’Hea, Director, Training and Information Management


Employers and institutions across industries recognise the need for a structured and methodical approach to learning to retain key staff and develop skills and knowledge. “People are time poor, but they need knowledge and training to get the best from our services and to stay informed about industry trends. So we need a practical solution to communicate with our customers, staff and distributors,” said Simon O’Hea, Director,
Training and Information Management at Colt.


Before Colt implemented Citrix GoToWebinar, trainers had to travel to customers and deliver support on-site to their staff. Now trainers are able to set up a webinar without any IT support within minutes and deliver comprehensive training by sharing presentations, white papers and blogs to deliver top level customer service.

Most webinars are CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited, meaning people can keep up to date with vital industry topics without leaving their desks. Following the presentation, the chat feature allows people to type in questions, which the moderator answers systematically.


  • Citrix GoToWebinar provides a practical alternative to on-site training, allowing Colt to stay connected with valued customers and save travel costs.
  • Webinars are a vital method to share knowledge efficiently throughout the industry and maintain Colt’s position as thought leaders.
  • Citrix GoToWebinar offers an easy to use interface and integrations with industryleading products such as with HubSpot, the inbound marketing software.

Facts at a glance

Solution: Webinars
Product: GoToWebinar
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: UK

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