Eyeful Presentations

April 1, 2016

About the company 

Eyeful Presentations was founded in 2003 and is now a global company operating in over 6 countries with 35 employees. Eyeful’s team of specialist consultants, project managers and designers help their customers to create presentations and communicate effectively, not only through designing a range of presentation tools but by offering all-round consultancy and training on how to engage audiences based on their ‘Presentation Optimisation’ methodology. Eyeful use their expertise to create and optimise presentations for their customers, which range from sole traders to multinationals including Citibank, eBay and Siemens.

"Since I founded Eyeful Presentations eleven years ago we have grown organically by using GoToMeeting as much as we can. It allows us to punch above our weight and further expand our business."

"Now that we use Citrix GoToMeeting we have reduced our travel dramatically even though we serve more customers than ever. We can collaborate with clients worldwide as if we were next door. "
- Simon Morton, Founder and Managing Director


“When we started to work with customers in other European countries and North America a few years ago, I had to fly over many times which was time consuming and also very expensive,” said Simon Morton, the managing director and founder of Eyeful. Efficiency is a key factor for a growing SMB with international focus. The company therefore needed a simple and cost-effective solution to interact with clients worldwide and to respond quickly to their needs.


Having tested several tools, Eyeful turned to Citrix GoToMeeting due to its ease of use and robust performance even when sharing advanced presentations. “Now that we use Citrix GoToMeeting we have reduced our travel dramatically even though we serve more customers than ever,” said Morton. “We can collaborate with clients worldwide as if we were next door.” Employees are able to get in front of customers straight away, build up a personal relationship very early in the process and present ideas by sharing their screens. This helps to position Eyeful as not just another design company but a specialist presentation consultancy.


  • Citrix GoToMeeting allows senior employees to increase their efficiency by cutting down on travel time and costs.
  • The tool helps employees react to customer demands quickly allowing them to build a strong relationship and ensure proper consultation on presentations.
  • Citrix GoToMeeting ensures that Eyeful can hire the best talent globally as it fosters collaboration and a culture of sharing ideas. It has also simplified the recruitment process by allowing face-to-face conversations across distances.
  • Citrix GoToWebinar is a key enabler for Eyeful to build awareness in a new market. It also provides a simple way of training a large audience.

Facts at a glance

Solution  Collaboration and Webinars
Product  GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar
Industry  Consulting
Country  United Kingdom
Website  www.eyefulpresentations.co.uk

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