The Insider's Guide To Better Webinars

April 1, 2016
Combining the right presenter and the right messaging with the right audience is a great way to establish thought leadership. Webinars tend to attract the kind of people who are moderately curious, have unmet needs or are actively searching for a solution to their problem — in other words, prospects!
But webinars aren’t about selling; they’re a means to inform, educate or inspire participants to take the next step and have a proper conversation with your business, one that can ultimately result in conversion.
Webinars are effective for a number of reasons:
  • Time is a scarce resource and travel is expensive
  • Webinars can help transcend geographical boundaries and time zones
  • Even the smallest companies can punch above their weight with a top-notch webinar
  • The webinar format can breathe new life into existing content, such as case studies, white papers and research
  • Webinars can extend your reach to prospects with whom your business might not otherwise connect
  • They’re great for all-hands meetings where business leaders need to broadcast to the whole workforce 
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10 tips — How do you keep your webinar attendees engaged and listening?

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